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Newbury Swim Lessons June 2023-4

Yelp Testimonial:

“If someone wants to learn how to swim in the shortest time possible, with an attentive and dedicated teacher, and have high quality, customized lessons, 805 LifeGuard is the best choice.

Our 5 year old son was afraid to put his head under water and after a lesson package with 805, he is so confident in the water that now he wants to be a professional swimmer.”

Adena T. – Tarzana, CA

July, 2023

Google & Yelp Testimonial:

“We hired Jasper to give our 6 and 8 year old boys swim lessons. They could “swim” before but weren’t proficient and we didn’t feel they had the skills to be safe swimmers. After the sessions with Jasper, our two boys are both amazing swimmers.

It’s mind blowing to see your 6 year old who sort of doggy paddled with kicking sometimes now have a perfect Brest stroke, swim across a pool no problem, be able to swim at length underwater, etc…

When our 8 year old turned 9 he had a pool part with his friends and Jasper was the lifeguard for the party. It was so nice to not have to worry about the kids, and to know they were safe and in good hands and to let the adults just relax. Worth every penny. He was very attentive and never took his eyes off the kids.

Jasper is great with kids and our boys loved their lessons and looked forward to them. If you’re looking for a swim teacher or a lifeguard for an event, use him he’s the best.”

Brett B. – Agoura Hills, CA

July, 2023

Oak Park Swim Lessons June 2023-2

Google Testimonial:

We are so grateful to Jasper for the wonderful job he did teaching our 5 year old to swim.

He was patient and fun, but also firm with our son who definitely has a mind of his own. We couldn’t be happier.

Jamie H. – Newbury Park, CA

July, 2023

Life Guarding Party Client provided Image July 2023

Google Testimonial:

Jasper was beyond great! I was able to enjoy my son’s party while not stressing about the little kids in the pool.

We will use Jasper again and again. Highly recommend his service.

Thanks again, Jasper!”

Jessica C. – Thousand Oaks, CA

July, 2023


Google Testimonial:

Jasper was friendly and super professional. Responsive to initial inquiry and sent follow up confirmation a day prior.

Prompt and friendly. Kept everyone safe. Was such a relief to know our swimmers were safe, I could enjoy our get together.

Will definitely use again.”

Dana K. – Santa Rosa, CA

June, 2023

Yelp Testimonial:

“We had Jasper do swim lessons for our five year old daughter. He was very enthusiastic, fun and did a great job making our daughter a safe swimmer. He was always on time, responsive, and taught her to be pool safe while keeping her engaged and happy the whole time. We would highly recommend him for swim lessons!”

Christine L. – Oak Park, CA

June, 2022


Yelp Testimonial:

“Jasper is the man! 2 birthday parties. Last one had 25 kids and he kept them safe and following direction while also being kind and supportive. He jumps in and helps with everything..

Honestly felt like a member of the family that you could trust and let you enjoy your own party. 100% recommend him and will continue to use him!”

Andrew G. – Thousand Oaks, CA

June, 2022

Yelp Testimonial:

“Jasper has been working with my 4 and 2 year old for the last 6 weeks and he is amazing! Both boys were comfortable with the water but not swimmers before working with Jasper. He literally had my four year old swimming by the end of the first 30 minute session. With my two -year-old old (who is not easy), he was patient, caring and taught him the basics. The boys are excited every time he comes over and they’re literally jumping up and down when he walks in. He was professional and very easy to work with. We have really enjoyed our time with Jasper and I would recommend him to anyone for swim lessons.”

Tiberious B. – Honolulu, HI

July, 2021

Yelp Testimonial:

We were looking for a swim instructor for my grandson and a friend referred Jasper to me. He is honestly amazing and very professional. My grandson loved him and he would look forward to his next lesson. Jasper is so patient and makes learning to swim super fun. My grandson was swimming after 3-4 30 minute lessons. I highly recommend him!!!

Teresa M. – Camarillo, CA

July, 2020

Yelp Testimonial:

We met Jasper while he was working as a lifeguard at a birthday party. Jasper taught my son, and my husband who has never swam in his life, swim in just a few 30 minute sessions. He is fun, devoted, and spends the time to teach his students how to swim the correct way.  We kept the lessons going through the end of the summer because my son absolutely adored him and looked forward to the swimming sessions. We will be bringing him back again this summer. Can’t wait!! Thank you Jasper!!!

Shirin K. – Los Angeles, CA

May, 2021

Yelp & Google Testimonial:

My 5-year old daughter learned how to swim in 4 days with Jasper. We continued lessons after 4 days because we want her to be a strong swimmer with correct technique. I am immensely grateful that Jasper demonstrated customized adaptive instruction for my kiddo.

Jasper tried different things to initially build trust, used great instructional methods, and played fun games at the end as a reward. It feels so good that my child can jump or fall into a pool and get out safely.

We tried lessons everywhere else in town without success so the one-on-one instruction, 30 minute sessions, worked miracles for our family.

Shelly F. – Moorpark, CA

August, 2020

3 year old swim lesson

Yelp Testimonial:

“Hiring Jasper from 805 Lifeguard was the best decision I have ever made. I had my granddaughter in public swimming lessons and she was not thriving the way she is now with Jasper’s one-on-one sessions.

He is kind, considerate, responsible, and a very talented instructor. Cannot recommend this organization more. And they are punctual! Very flexible with their schedule.”

Michelle M. – Thousand Oaks, CA

June, 2021

Newbury Swim Lessons June 2023-5

Yelp Testimonial:

“We met Jasper via Yelp and our little six year old immediately took to his personality, and his coaching style. Jasper has a way of disarming a young person whom, may have some unease about learning how to swim, and particularly going underwater.

He teaches the nuts and bolts of the mechanics, but he also makes it fun for kids and communicates that very well to young people. I think Jasper is so effective because he is patient, and heaps loads of positive reinforcement on the child. Our little one learned how to swim in about eight or ten lessons. I would highly recommend Jasper for a youth swimming coach and as a lifeguard for parties!”

MATT E. – Los Angeles, CA

July, 2021


Yelp Testimonial:

“Jasper was the lifeguard at my daughter’s pool birthday party. He kept a close watch on the kids the entire time and made sure they stayed safe.

It was perfect because my husband and I didn’t have to worry about watching the pool while we were doing other things for the party. It also gave us time to visit with the adults. He was early to the party and very professional. I highly recommend him and would use him again.”

TRACY M. – Thousand Oaks, CA

Sept, 2021

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